Exchanges trading ETHO natively

The following list of exchanges are trading ETHO natively. This means you can send ETHO from your wallet directly to the wallet on the exchange or vice versa. All exchanges are requiring KYC except Probit and Asymetrix. Depending on the exchange both ETHO/USDT or ETHO/BTC pairs are available

If You are an exchange and want to list Etho protocol, please contact us via the established contact channels.

Exchanges trading wrapped ETHO

The following list of exchanges are trading wrapped ETHO. This means you cannot  send native ETHO from your wallet directly to the wallet on the exchange or vice versa, you need to go through the ETHO bridge to either wrap ETHO (create an ethereum erc20 tokenized version ie wETHO), or to unwrap to get native ETHO. In these cases, although these exchanges call the asset "ETHO", it is in actuality "wrapped" ETHO (a one-to-one equivalent of ETHO represented by a token on the ethereum chain).

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Kucoin - erc-20 tokens


(requires bridging)


(requires bridging)


When a user transfers assets from one blockchain to another using a decentralized bridge, those assets are not literally relocated or “sent” anywhere. Instead, functionality is leveraged through a two-stage process. First, the assets are locked or “frozen” on the blockchain where they live using a smart contract or, if smart contracts are not supported, another mechanism. Next, new tokens of an equal amount are created on the receiving blockchain. When the user wants to redeem the assets, the equivalent tokens are burned, and then the original assets are unlocked. This process prevents the assets from being used in any way on both chains at the same time. 

We have the following bridges in place for ETHO...

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Binance Smart Chain
Etho Protocol BRIDGE

ETHO/wETHO (erc20)

(Needed for Kucoin)