About Etho Protocol

A Complete Solution For Enterprise, Mission Critical Data and NFTs

Etho Protocol adds a revolutionary element to traditional blockchain concepts: an on-chain storage layer with a 10x redundancy. This is realised via a node concept, which shares data across a vast network around the world. Continuous updates and full compatibility with Ethereum makes Etho Protocol very attractive for developers but also for businesses with mission critical storage needs.






Our roadmap

We are currently in Phase 4 of development and have just introduced NFT capability, which allows market places to mint NFTs, offer them and then to transfer contracts to the different bidders.





Why we are different?

Etho Protocol has a unique position as it is combining full EVM functionality and combining it for mission critical data on IPFS.





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Monetary policy

The monetary policy describes potential coin emission from the chain. For Etho Protocol it is split into 3 parts:

Mining rewards: these are coins per block provided to miners

Node rewards: these are coins provided for node owners per block

Treasury rewards: Coins emitted for development purposes




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Our Vision

Imagine a world where social media content was completely held in the public domain and was 100% immutable. Imagine a voting system that was completely un-hackable and run with complete transparency. Imagine a version of the internet where the Googles, Facebooks and Amazons didn’t control a vast majority of all web content and traffic flow. The idea of a completely decentralized, democratized web is not only a utopian dream but now achievable. Our project aims to bring all this together by providing a streamlined, completely decentralized development and content hosting platform that is usable by anyone..

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Our pitch

We have compiled some of the basic data about Etho Protocol and planned steps forward into a Pitchdeck. Join the elevator with us so that we can tell You what this is about.

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Marketing team

Chriss Terry
Marketing Director

Chris is searching for business opportunities in each and every corner to connect opportunities. To the point, Chris is focused on developing real solutions for real problems.

Allan Delmare
Marketing, general

Allan gets things done. Rooted to the ground, ambitious and witted he inspires others and pushes Etho Protocol forward.

Frank Müller
Marketing, social media

Frank handles our primary social platforms like Twitter and Medium. He is interested in how technology can impact and benefit society.