How can I use Etho Protocol?

Store/Host Your Data

Share your voice, store your data. Pin your NFT's, upload your critical files (encrypted or unencrypted), or even publish a whole website.

Develop and Deliver

Re-package or white label our storage and hosting for your customers. Develop an application, launch a project, or connect your platform. No royalty fees, no permission needed.


Use your server to store, host, and replicate data by staking ETHO and operating a node. Earn ETHO from each block minted plus a share of network proceeds.


Use your computing power to confirm transactions on the blockchain and secure the network. Earn your share of ETHO from each block minted according to your computing power. 


Buy, sell, or trade ETHO (the coin that provides the fuel for network operations). Offer your ETHO as collateral for staking contracts.