In order to support ETHO core development we have introduced the ETHO hypercube test network. With the hypercube network we also have setup a list of tools like an own RPC to connect to metamask, a stats page to see the status of the network and also an explorer. The aim of the network is purely for development, so mining on the network is not recommended as the mined coins will not have a value and are used for experimental purposes. We do however do some CPU mining, as we need to have coins to for operation.

ETHO HC network stats

The status of the network can be monitored via the stats dashboard. Here You can also see the different clients currently supporting the network. Some clients might be mining in order to have coins for test purposes. The stats can be seen at

ETHO HC explorer

The explorer for the test network is available via the link


Full blockscout functionality is available for that purpose.


In order to be able to interact with the network we also have setup a RPC which can be then used with Metamask. From a blockchain perspective the ETHO HC is behaving as ETHO and will be streamlined into the current ETHO geth build from version 1.6.0

ETHO HC faucet

A crypto faucet is a website or app that allows users to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency, usually in the form of fractions of a cent. The faucet shall not be misused, only once within 24hrs a withdraw is possible.

To use a crypto faucet, you need to provide a wallet address where the cryptocurrency will be sent. You can get 1 ETHO HC per 24hrs.

Next steps

As already mentioned we plan to use the test network as a playgound for new developments and will be public from geth version 3.0.0 and upwards


Then You can start geth with:

./geth –hypercube

Or You can mine on the test Network:

./geth –hypercube –mine –miner.etherbase=0xDbb4Eb311AF2f87b996b31A13730D644Cd7299B9 –miner.threads=1