ETHO Tuesdays – Off to the testnet

The Etho team is meeting every Tuesday to review the progress done. So let's get right to it and touch on: testnet, the outcome of our community vote, wallets and again auxiliary development. And if you are interested to engage in an exciting project, reach out to us on discord at the end.

From development to the testnet

We are in an exciting phase. From idea to code Dox has been starting running the new blockchain contracts on a local testnet instance. After that we need to test this in a real test environment. Def and Frank have started to resurrect the hypercube test network. This network is a CPU minable network with the same properties as ETHO, but with a lower blockheight and difficulty. 

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 22.28.09

Here we can see how many contracts can be deployed per block, do load tests, check that functionality is executed properly. At a later stage we will also deploy nodes on that test network to allow check the IPFS handling. We will spend the remaining November and part of the December.



The vote has been concluded and the clear selection by the community has been for Etho Protocol IPFS Cloud (EPIC). 

We will now building some more marketing around this, including a collection of logos, spots and gifs.

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 21.00.56



Allan is trying to get some people behind the effort to make Ledger working on the web wallet. Frank has in the meanwhile documented the basics of the alpha wallet and how to use it with ETHO, check the article here 

Please note that you always need to backup your wallets. No one from the team is able to support you if you loose access to the wallet and need to recreate your wallet and have not backed to up.

Auxiliary development


Chris has started looking at a new Rockship ARM project which is much cheaper than PI. More information how to set it up can be found on his github

Want to change the world?

 Etho Protocol is a community project with focus on the decentralization of content. We run a worldwide deployed network of IPFS nodes controlled by our own EVM capable blockchain. If you are a programmer, a tech enthusiast, a marketeer, a writer, a number cruncher or designer, we need you for the following areas:


The development will be headed by Dox, the focus will be to drive the code development forward. Beside code development we will have the following areas to be covered:

Code maintenance, including github management, test and deployment of new code, running, maintaining and upgrading servers


Maybe a bit more straightforward, but we need to get more structure around our dev fund management, book keeping and of course want to get ideas how to grow the financial basis of ETHO. This includes also the management of our development funds. Work in some areas go hand in hand with the other teams.


Marketing is about finding the right messages, for the right communities. Frank is doing what he can, but we clearly need more hands. We have several assets like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube. Aim is to improve our messaging and engage with parties to scale our efforts. If you are a crypto influencer, even better. Get yourself invested, join the team and do the magic.

Business development

We want to build an ecosystem. Although we have already a strong team headed by Chris Terry, nothing is perfect and cannot be improved. If you like to develop business in the crypto space, you have come to the right place 

Don't wait ...

If you are interested in giving your career an interesting sidekick, do not look further. We are a terrific team and we have a product with a lot of opportunities. Check our other blogs here and you will understand that we are at a start of something new with a potential of a factor 100x. This is a lifetime opportunity. Reach to us on discord.