Kucoin is a powerful exchange with a large audience. From 11th of July Kucoin will start to enable withdrawals and deposits for ETHO Protocol, joining the ETHO Protocol ecosystem and allowing the transition from wETHO to ETHO main net. It is expected that this connect the markets again and get them closer together. A big step for investors and node owners alike.

Kucoin Enablement of ETHO deposits

With the opening of deposits of wETHO on Kucoin main net ETHO holders can bridge their assets to wETHO and then send those to Kucoin. Kucoin is our largest market with volumes of up to 500k USD per day, so our most liquid market. We expect that this will bring the markets closer together, as they are now more connected. If that is not happening, it will be handled by people seeing possibilities for arbitrage trading.


Kucoin Enablement of ETHO Withdrawals

ETHO has a use case and allows you to participate in the storage network by staking and then getting paid with ETHO daily. If you have assets on Kucoin, the withdrawal function allows you to transfer your wETHO and then bridge it into the main network. There you can deploy nodes as described in our documentation

Finally a complete ecosystem

With Kucoin opening up withdrawals and deposits we are not full circle to a complete solution with our main net functionality but also allowing an attractive marketplace like Kucoin to be part of the ecosystem.