Etho Tuesday: ETHO NFT, use cases and Kucoin

Every Tuesday the Etho Protocol team is meeting in their headquarters. We call it Etho Tuesday. In order to be more transparent about what is ongoing, we are documenting some of the important team discussions and decisions. We believe this will help you understand what is ongoing and hope this will enable you to engage more. This is capturing the meeting from this week's meeting on the 17th of May

Team present:
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Dox –
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Special guest: Josh

ERC20 bridge launched

On the 17th of May, 09.00 UTC we decided to migrate the old ERC-20 contract and move over the holder’s funds to a new contract. We also deployed a new bridge to allow the swap of those tokens for main net ETHO (including a bridge monitor to detect future anomalies) and refilled the bridge with all the required main net ETHO. Now both wETHO on ERC20 and BEP20 can be bridged back and forth. A more detailed blog can be found here:



ETHO NFT and use cases


This time Josh joined. He is interested to use ETHO Protocol for a university use case. He would like to use NFTs as badges. Further, he would like to see the possibility to show NFTs in wallets or in a hall of fame. Attracted by the low minting costs as well the possibility to have storage on one chain would be the ideal solution.

Combine NFTs with some additional functionality, like if you have this NFT and also another one unlocks something new... The possibilities are endless. This was the first discussion, the team decided to follow up to identify what are the next steps to take. 



Now with the new ERC20 tokens in place we will approach KuCoin to move to the ERC20 contract. We hope we will convince them to take the step without putting additional financial requirements on us. At the end of the day the dev team and the community have shored up 29M main net ETHO to backup wETHO on KuCoin. That has a value of +290k USD.

Hopefully we will have an update during next week. 


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Here are some key stats we are following.