Etho Tuesday: ETHO is a protocol, building bridges

Every Tuesday the Etho Protocol team is meeting in their headquarters. We call it Etho Tuesday. In order to be more transparent about what is ongoing, we are documenting some of the important team discussions and decisions. We believe this will help you understand what is ongoing and hope this will enable you to engage more. This is capturing the meeting from this week's meeting on the 10th of May

Team present:
Allan –
Dox –
Frank –
Alob –
Cowtoshi -

BEP20 bridge launched

Last Thursday we were able then to launch a new BEP20 contract which then can be used on Pancake swap. The bridge was deployed and we developed a fair distribution algorithm to make sure that investors are not left in the rain. More details can be found on the blogpost

We also held on Saturday an AMA to inform the community. Dox, Chris, and Frank were hosting the event and were discussing what has happened, and how the team has planned to re-instantiate the bridge. The AMA was recorded and is available on our YouTube channel: In general the feedback was very positive.

The next step will be the launch of the ERC20 bridge. This will happen in the next weeks.

ETHO protocol and use cases

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 12.26.36

This will be a very important discussion over time. ETHO Protocol is a protocol. We are facilitating the security of the Ethereum L2 with Solidity and have added a storage layer. Exposure of the storage layer is done with our SDK..

With Cowtoshi a lot of new use case ideas are in the making. The core of ETHO protocol will evolve with the new use cases.

Ideas are in the making, the team is definitely more excited than ever. 

Constitution of ETHO PROTOCOL


Work is ongoing, but Chris couldn't join this time so the discussion was postponed. The ETHO team is looking into the institution of ETHO Protocol as company outside US and EU.


Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 21.39.55
Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 20.19.17

Here are some key stats we are following.