Etho Tuesday: Constitution of ETHO Protocol, BEP20 bridge, exchanges

Every Tuesday the Etho Protocol team is meeting in their headquarters. We call it Etho Tuesday. In order to be more transparent about what is ongoing, we are documenting some of the important team discussions and decisions. We believe this will help you understand what is ongoing and hope this will enable you to engage more. This is capturing the meeting from this week's meeting on the 3rd of May

Team present:
Chris Terry –
Allan –
Dox –
Frank –
Alob –
George -
Cowtoshi -

Constitution of ETHO PROTOCOL


Chris is looking into the possibility of setting ETHO as a company in order to enable exchange listings, most of them requiring today a company registration. Registrations both in the EU and US might be difficult due to the crypto nature and coming regulation, so different alternatives are discussed. 

Chris, Allan, and Cowtoshi will discuss the options further and come up with a more elaborate proposal at the next meeting.

BEP20 Bridge


Focus is on the BEP bridge as it is cheaper to deploy and test. Work is 95% ready and tests are ongoing. Potential deployment is targeted for the weekend. Discussion on how to reimburse potential buyers for the bridge will also need to be settled. The plan is to use the development fund.

Frank is going to set up a blog article and align with DOX, also an AMA shall be planned.
Dox will work with Exlo to also set up a liquidity pool at pancake swap to enable trading



The pitch deck has been updated and published
We will follow-up on the exchange status on the next meeting.

The work on ERC20 and Kucoin will start after the BEP20 contract launch.


Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 20.19.17
Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 09.49.21

Here are some key stats we are following.