State of NFTs

NFTs have been around for a while and captured the interest of a wider audience. The concept is appealing as it promises a truly decentralised owning, distribution and storage of art.


NFTs have been run into hinders though, let us call them childhood diseases, as we believe that NFTs and their concept really remain interesting. 

 – Mining fees of NFTs have become a pain point, both in execution and cost 

 – Most of the NFTs are stored on centralised networks like Piniata which defeats the purpose of a decentralised NFT 

 – Even if You own the NFT, do You own the content? 

 – Finally, is Your content trackable, meaning can You actually proof that Your content is publish ahead of a potential copy?



The different market place: has been using Etho Protocol out of the above reasons to overcome issues with content centralised NFTs.

Etho Protocol provides EVM functionality with an integrated IPFS. So the content and the NFT are fully decentralised on one and the same blockchain.

Added with market place and collection contracts You can be assured that You own Your NFT and that the content can’t be pulled once the NFT is minted.




Open for the public beta

We launched our public beta on the 2nd of January 2022 and have sine then worked on several improvements. Our aim is to fully facilitate ETHO Protocols blockchain and IPFS capabilities and offer a different way to NFTs: fully decentralised at low costs. Check it out yourself.