Welcome to the world of Etho Protocol, where decentralization is not just a buzzword, but a fundamental principle. At Etho Protocol, we're not just building another blockchain project - we're creating a new paradigm for how technology can be used to empower individuals and businesses alike.
Our innovative approach to on-chain storage and redundancy, along with our commitment to full EVM functionality, sets us apart from other blockchain projects.

But what really sets us apart is our vision for a truly democratized web. By removing the need for centralized intermediaries, Etho Protocol enables users to have complete control over their data and online experiences. This is a game-changer for businesses with mission-critical storage needs, but it's also a crucial step towards a more transparent and equitable world.

At Etho Protocol, we believe that technology should serve the people, not the other way around. We're working tirelessly to make this vision a reality, and we're not alone. Our community of developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators is growing every day, and we're excited to welcome new members to the Etho Protocol family.

So why does Etho Protocol matter? Because it's a powerful tool for building a more equitable, transparent, and decentralized world. It's not just about technology - it's about creating a better future for everyone. Join us on this journey toward a brighter tomorrow.

#decentralize everything

What we do!

ETHO Protocol is Freedom of Data

Blockchains need built-in storage to be truly decentralized. Your smart contracts point to mission-critical data: can you really afford to leave it in the hands of big tech?

We forked Ethereum to upgrade it by adding a storage layer. The result is a dependable and fully decentralized platform. That's true Freedom of Data.

Any program or service running with Smart Contracts can now directly interact with the stored data - instead of just referencing it somewhere else.

Instant Ethereum Portability

Fully backward compatible EVM: if it runs on Ethereum, it can run on ETHO Protocol

Solidity for Smart Contracts

No re-writing of existing smart contracts is necessary.

On-chain IPFS storage layer

Built right into our blockchain, truly decentralized, and replicated worldwide with geo-balancing.

NFT minting, Marketplace, and Storage

Low gas fees mean incredible flexibility with on-chain storage for convenience and security infinite possibilities.

What can I do with ETHO Protocol?

Store/Host Your Data

Share your voice, store your data. Pin your NFT's, upload your critical files (encrypted or unencrypted), or even publish a whole website.


Develop and Deliver

Re-package or white label our storage and hosting for your customers. Develop an application, launch a project, or connect your platform. No royalty fees, no permission needed.

NFT: Mint, Store, Trade 

The power and familiarity of the Ethereum NFT ecosystem without the high fees - and IPFS storage built right in!


Use your server to store, host, and replicate data by staking ETHO and operating a node. Earn ETHO from each block minted plus a share of network proceeds.


Use your computing power to confirm transactions on the blockchain and secure the network. Earn your share of ETHO from each block minted according to your computing power. 


Buy, sell, or trade ETHO (the coin that provides the fuel for network operations). Offer your ETHO as collateral for staking contracts.

Our Team

Etho Protocol is a 100% volunteer community-based project. Our community is our team, all driven by a passion for utilizing our revolutionary technology to support free speech and freedom of data. 

Meet the Team

Node Tiers

Setup your own ETHO Protocol node ("Staking") to support the network and earn rewards. Below are our different node tiers and requirements.

Service Node



  • 20 GB of SSD/HDD Storage

  • 1 GB of RAM

  • Static Public IPv4 Address


  • Service Nodes act as a data relay and secure

     The ETHO Protocol Network

Deploy Node

Master Node



  • 40 GB of SSD/HDD Storage

  • 2 GB of RAM

  • Static Public IPv4 Address


  • Master Nodes provide storage and processing

    resources to The ETHO Protocol Network**

Deploy Node

Gateway Node



  • 80 GB of SSD/HDD Storage

  • 4 GB of RAM

  • Static Public IPv4 Address


  • Gateway Nodes act as a gateway to ethofs/ipfs decentralized data hosted on the network**

Deploy Node

** Each node tier also serves the network functionality provided by lower-tier nodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your token/coin?

$ETHO - we are a native blockchain with our own native coin. You can also find our coin "wrapped" as tokens on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Converting between main net ETHO and wrapped etho (erc20, bep20) requires the use of our bridge. Exchanges, Swaps, and Bridges can be found on our exchange page.


Where can I buy ETHO?

Visit our Exchange page for exchanges, swaps, and bridges.

What is your algorithm?

ETHASH/DAGGER (we are a fork of the Ethereum git branch)

What is the maximum supply?

There is a soft cap of 81 million coins, with an allowance for 3% inflation. Please see the coin emission schedule on the about us page:

About Us
I'm a developer - are you hiring?

We are constantly looking for new team members. Please fill out this form.

Etho Protocol is a Proud Founding Member of the BPSAA